Highlights from the eBPF* Summit 2022

eBPF logo with a bee.

I wrote up some thoughts on the recent eBPF Summit over at Open.Intel.com. Why is everyone in the Linux and open source communities suddenly talking about eBPF? This might help explain.

Originating in the Linux kernel, eBPF technology has generated a lot of buzz recently. The pun is intended, as eBee is the official eBPF* mascot. 
In the case of eBPF, the excitement may be justified. Using eBPF allows developers to execute code sandboxed within the operating system kernel without making changes to the kernel itself or loading kernel modules, providing a safer path to custom capability. There is tremendous potential for use case in security, observability, and networking. 
In my quest to better understand the promise and potential of eBPF technology and its many applications, I spent some time virtually attending the recent 2022 eBPF summit, which was livestreamed on YouTube with a supporting Slack community for real-time conversations.

Read the full post on Open.Intel.com

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