Reality 2.0: Folder Full of HTML

Ep. 128: Folder Full of HTML cover image

Last week or so, Shawn and I were discussing some options he was looking at for creating a simple website that would need daily updates for a short period of time (see, but then it would effectively become an archive. He tried Grav, a flat-file CMS, and other similar options, but none quite fit the bill. He had already opted to make another WordPress site, which can be a quick and easy solution for a lot of websites, but I suggested he look into an open source static site generator like Hugo or Jekyll. Both are popular options for generating static blogs, brochure sites, and other common use cases. I had played with Hugo a couple years ago, and I thought his 90 Days of Mayhem site was a perfect opportunity to take Hugo for a spin. He did. He loved it. So we made a podcast!

When Doc is away, Katherine and Shawn Powers play! (With Static HTML generators) Katherine and Shawn talk about Hugo, a static site generator, WordPress, and the content creator life.

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